Friday, January 16, 2009

Do been doing Wa Wa What??

Oh my gosh I can not believe I have NOT posted in nearly a MONTH...
I know we been busy here like we would have entered a new life not a new year but, that is NO excuse for me skipping out on my have a few surgeries lined up here. Big dog has a eye surgery on the 20th-He can not see at all out of his right eye-caterics ((sp??))
either...I fear he will now see ALL of me...& I don't think he will refuse my surgery I have up coming- For myself have a double hernia on my stomach-one to be removed & the other to be repaired on march 18th-happy anniversary to me what a blaa blaa blaa-BUT it just so must be done. I am really over sick with people asking "oh your pregnant againnnn?!!" No dears NOT pregnant again...It's a HERNIA!!!!!!!!!!! But, you can't help stupid-they is no cure for it!!! I'll be out of commission for 6 weeks-yet no picking up anything or anyone that weighs over 30 lbs...Not means this Mommy will not be able to hold Juicy for 6 weeks!!!!! On a happier note-Spot got himself some glasses....Eye glasses-here is a pic of him-He is devilishly handsome!!!! & Can finally see us all clearly & anything else he comes in contact with....Poor babe' I had no clue that his eye sight was so bad...I just figured he was being a typical little boy who wanted to be in front of what ever else then any one else...In front here means greater

Poor be'be just couldn't see anything...& what he did see was blurry!!
NOW he can see everything & Lets you know it too...LOL

Rex is doing great-school that cards came in last week.
He is still holding a grade point average of 2.87
One C rest all B's-Can't complain about that...he is passing & still managing to learn pass the day what he is taught in school...The knowledge is over powered by his attitude some days but, it can be worse & be flipped flopped...He is male it is known for happening-

Santa' was kind to the boys as well this pass year.
He brought Rex more he needed them
spot-a GREEN BIG recycle truck
juicy-more monkeys....loves the monkeys...
Big dog-clothes for cold days, new movies
ME....I musta' been a bad bad girl....I did NOT get a damn thing!!!!!!
(I still want a easy bake oven cool they are...silver (stainless steal looking) these days...think of all the cookies & cakes I can bake...I would have a BALL!!!!)

this is me & juicy christmas AM opening his presents.
He was more into what a train was doing going around the tree!!!
HE tried to go with it only to realize the wall is right there & my butt is to fat!!

This is Juicy touching the tree ornaments-
He wanted to pull them off & place them on the skirt
instead on leaving them be...A few "humms" &
he wasn't happy but he didn't touch any longer!

We been having these 2 big nutcrackers for some time now
The dogs wanted to know if they really would crack some nuts-
So with that thought in mind-we rounded up some pecans
& away them went cracking...
It really worked well &
plus it entertained the dogs for at least 2 hours!!!

Please don't mind the half naked boy-
spot is always half naked

no matter how cold or hot it is...LOL...
That's my dogs....

Well, I'm sure you all know that is really did SNOW in south Louisiana
Not all parts but, it did...
I kept Rex home from school that day thinking
we would get it & beings our pipes aren't built or protect for snow
they would send the children home....
TO OUR surprise we DID NOT get a snitch of snow...
IT snowed just a few miles up the road from us...
I'd say about 5 miles north of us
The dogs though they stayed eager waiting all am long...
LOL this is them bundled up waiting for something like frozen rain to fall!!!

Rex & Spot riding hard...
Spot received a BIG WHEEL for Christmas
& Rex being a silly pup decided to take spot's old tri-cycle for a spin...
He is sitting on the box that is on the back of the bike...
& still able to peddle...LOL

So yes...that is my UP TO DATE of our DOG life...
I'll be back later today-
I found some really great Home Made gift ideas on the web last night
I would like to share with all of you...


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