Friday, October 31, 2008

Do you like Camping?

Here we arrived just before 4:00pm Sat. @ Jelly Stone on the Lake, In Miss.
As I stated before we were here for the last few hurricanes that hit just 2 months ago.
& It is so much nicer now-there is 16 cabins & only 4 are being taken by visitors.
there are about 80+ spots for RVs & only 10 maybe are being used. It is really nice-the weather is nice & cool, slight mist at night-& when standing at the top of the ridge looking down into the valley where the RVs can park it looks like a miniature Christmas village!! Very Beautiful !!

We aren't directly on the Lake-we're about 6 yrds away. They have Canadian Geese, Ducks, Poo'Doos (some cajun word for another type of DUCK), & white birds oh well crabs can't think of their names-Not swans, Not Pelicans, well when I think of it I'll come back & let ya know. Also I took some pic today of the Dogs-I'll upload them tomorrow (Monday).

Speaking of Monday It's Grand Mother Dog's Birthday.
She will be 55 so I say....But, actually she will be 56-
I guess I'll do for her like I do for myself-
Get to a certain age & that is it...Not counting any higher!
Just there is the date & now hand over the cake!!
(of cheesy that rhymed)
The dogs & I have a special planned for her & of course I bought her some presents BUT, I'm smart enough NOT to talk about them here just yet-she does read my blah blah blog

We have some friends/family that came up today & will be spending 3 days 2 nights with us.
It's another Grammie & her 2 g'sons. Their ages fall between my dogs So, it works out well for play times. They had a blast today & didn't miss a beat in getting into the spirit of winter camping.

This am my father & big dog built a fire. My Mother & the little dogs went in search for perfect fall foliage for my table in my cabin. Ohh talk about some pretty trees & sticks. (pic to come on that as well). Now my clan is all out by the fire while I'm over here in the laundry room cleaning blankets & 2 days of clothes & Yapping to y'all about it all.

When I get back I'm fixing me a little *night cap* & hitting the fire to enjoy the night.

Have a nice night, stay warm.
See you on Monday with some GREAT!!! Online Deals to start off your Christmas Shopping!!!


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