Sunday, November 2, 2008

One more down-Two to go....

That is right Halloween is done with
NOW we have two holidays left.

How is it that when it comes to decorating-
WHICH I love to do-
Thanksgiving seems to be the hardest holiday to decorate for
being with the lack of items out there in the stores.

It's like going on a witch hunt-
If I had more resources on Thanksgiving Decorations
I wouldn't mind decorating at the start of the month
right on through.

I remember my mother did it for us as children
Being part Houma Indian family we had the little statues of Indians
around the house along with the Pilgrims & Turkeys.
Back then in School as to what my son has learned now (being not much of nothing)
My mother also made it a point to teach us all about how the
INDIANS helped out the Pilgrims as they came to the New Land.
We had a full educational lesson learned at home as much as we did in school
if not more (Mom did teaching here & there back then).

Every holiday was done with care.
From decorating, to the stories of why we were decorating once again,
to what we cooked & baked,to the foods we got to eat, to the life outside.

Mom always managed to find just enough decorations so the
month would NOT be forgotten.
But, also at that-It is her birthday day Nov. 24th
& a aunt (my father's youngest sister) of mines on the same day
Which sometimes falls on thanksgiving day depending on the year.

As I continue my hunt for those special "almost forgotten holiday"
decorations I hope that I can have enough to remind my children
of what I remember as a child.

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