Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Insects Anyone???

Rex had his birthday on March 7th-Perfect timing for a Sat adventure...
We never dare to do this alone-
so of course the G'Old Dogs
had to join in with us just to lend a hand in controlling the pack of 3.--
YES it does take 4 adults to hand 3 dogs...
I have my cousin who works at the
Insect aquarium In New Orleans-
So that was our 1st stop...

I'll be honest I really thought what could
they possibly do that would be impressive with BUGS...
I was impressed though-
very educational, colorful, & entertaining.

All the adults were AMAZED!!
It really is a beautiful way to show case BUGS!!!

Here is a few pictures surrounding our day there.

This is a "LOVE BUG" car-to cute on education
I must say The windshield was a big flat screen
talking all about the "Love Bugs" we have as insects in our area.

This is in the exhibit all about Beatles-
the armor was a example & model that the
kiddies, Spot just had to stick his face in it-

Here is the NEW bike-
G'Old Dogs bought Rex for his birthday
Rex has managed to hold on to a bike for over 4 years.
It was time for a new one...& He is proud to own it!!

Rex isn't to picky with his cakes...
OK OK he wants Chocolate on Chocolate
I wanted almond on almond...
LOL The blue one below is my almond creation.
Below that is the Chocolate on chocolate.
I may not be the fanciest when decorating but,
I thrive on the taste factor!!
Both were delicious!!!

We also took time to head on over to the
Audubon Zoo
Rex had been there for a class trip
but, Spot & Juicy hadn't
&7 it's been years since big dog &
G'old dogs had been there too.

(yes it is very hard to take pictures of my dogs...
esp when they are not together at the same time-
I make do as best as I can...LOL)

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