Thursday, June 19, 2008

1st post

OK so here I go with my 1st ever post-
this is my so very busy Cajun Life.

My whats-what on this week alone
yeah OK we are Thurs but, I still have till Sunday before
I can officially say my week is over before a new one begins!

I'm in the process of "trying" to buy a new home-
Yes, us Moon Dogs are out growing our 3 bed 2 bath 1800 (or so) sq ft home-
Mind ya we are at 5 people in this one home-
I have 3 males (human) who are growing faster then I can water them...
From oldest to youngest 8, 3, soon to be 1 years old MALES-
Cajun males are not built to be small-therefore I MUST look forward to the
future of LARGE teen aged men in my home & just to fit them now is a challenge!!

We, OK I, did a bit of searching for a NEW home for the last 5 years at least....
of course living here in south Louisiana everything is SO EXPENSIVE!!!
NOW that I have found what I'm hoping will be a NEW home for us-
I'm waiting on a bank approval letter before I can even view the home...
I hate waiting!! I need to keep busy & move forward-
IF GOD wanted me to wait he would have made me a FROG!!!

Upon the approval letter I will be able to view the home-
then my favorite part-Wheeling & Dealing!!
Beings I'm a hound-dog for a good bargain when it comes to a home
I see it no different then shopping at a flea market for antique furniture!!!
(yes I have a slightly large collection of antiques in my home)
I want what I think would be best offer & of course in my "means"

But don't we all want that?!?!

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