Thursday, June 19, 2008

Helpers in Store

I found this article & thought that it would be perfect
to share with all of you-

I go to the store *in hopes of* once every 2 weeks-
when I do venture out there is a chance I will have
one if not all three of my boys-

with such a wide range on their ages & personalities
I tried many ways of getting them to help

that they won't get bored & Getty to jump buggies
& run wild all over the store...

I found this article years ago & since I thought why
not share it with y'all...

As I'm sure my *animals* kids aren't the only children
who want to explore the stores in a rage-

this has help our shopping experiences greatly & also
has managed to teach our 2 oldest sons how to identify color, sizes,
& shapes at the early levels of childhood-& by the older they got
it also helped with adding subtracting & measuring...
of FUN learning goes further then the boring
note book learning...

next post read on......

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