Sunday, June 29, 2008


Let's Clean That Kitchen

(ohh gess Need to take my own advise here-
So, let's do this together
My kitchen is measured at 10X10
I have only 5X5 to work with though
cabinets & counter take up the first half of 10
& my over sized refrigerator & freezer takes up the other half of 10))

WE will De-Clutter this space.
Get it back to what it is used for...

1st thing have your garbage can empty for we will fill it up.
Have a empty Box for storage & one for Donations

Start by throwing away JUNK
old dish rags, sponges, less then half empty never
gonna use dish liquid, old bottles with no use but
sitting under sink, empty boxes that once held garbage bags-

Next up on counter:
Toss out old half opened food packs.
If it is more then 3 days old-half opened half eaten
Trash It!!

If you have a over stock if pots & pans
IF you KNOW you will never use them
If you may use them
Save Box!!
IF the pan or pot has major scrapes & cuts in the metal
TRASH it...this can get into your food & into your blood!!

Go through your cooking tools
How many large spoons do u need??
I say 4 of each with the variety in sizes
Spatula, ladle or large spoons, pitch forks, whisk, etc.
I try to keep the most used kitchen cooking tools at hand
My knives are in a Large Wooden made block
SAFE from children
I also keep a handy heavy duty scissors in kitchen as well.

If you are famous for having bowls with missing or not matching lids
Try to find them that match.
Once you have a matching set put to save box
Once kitchen is organized Place them together in a small plastic container
that will slide under your cabinets-remember handy storage Clean Area!
No matches THROW AWAY...cause if you don't use them now
they will just be in the way causing clutter in the long run.

On top of your counter
IF possible:
You can keep microwave, toaster oven, coffee pot,
chopping block & plate, toaster.
This all depends on the size of your kitchen.
IF you are like me & it's SMALL think of placing your toaster
& coffee pot when not in use on top of your freezer/refrigerator.

Which **gess I need to do here** should be clean at all times.
We keep a box of emergency medical supplies on top
In there I have Tylenol for all ages of people in my house
band-aids & antibiotic ointment, tweezers & nail clippers,
bendryl ointment & capsules.

I also keep flash lights & candles on top.
With a lighter or matches for use.
(u never know when your power will cut out
hurricane central here-always prepared!!)

Under your kitchen sink: you can store your cleaning products.
I prefer to have mines on the windows ledge...this way it's easy to find
& well, I'm to busy half the time to dig for what I need....

After a few small breaks 15 mins tops!
Take your time-don't over work yourself
in DE-cluttering...It's didn't take one hour
to get this way-it won't get cleaned that fast either!!
Well rested-OK-Back to work!!!

Your headed to the pantry
Hit all cabinets as well that store food
What you haven't used in over 3 months that is NOT expired
Donate....IF it is expired TRASH

If your shelves are deep & you always manage
to loose chip half open bags & what not
get yourself some small bins. This will help
you stay more managed & organized.

Once you have tossed out what is NOT used to either
donations or trash bag. Now hit that Refrigerator & Freezer.
Clean out OLD food. EXPIRED sauces & dressings.
Frost Bitten freezer foods are trashed too.
Old ice creams (lol not here-as if waste ice cream ya nuts)
Older then 6 months to esp a Year on foods in freezer.
Most things now have a expired date
Be wise it's there for a reason-

NOW you have made Much Progress...
Donate box to trunk, trash out on curb side,
& to save out in shed.

Now u can sit back relax with hot tea or
my favorite fresh sweet iced tea.

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