Monday, June 23, 2008

Sweet Section

Sweet Section-I thought I'd share my new profound love for sweets!!!
ok we all know most women can not help themselves for chocolate!!
well, neither can this one-but there are other sweets out there that make me layer on the chunk-one of my all time favorites are called "petit fours"
these are small cakes covered in a cooked-fondant like icing. when done properly they are amazing delicious!! imagine for a min. light fluffy almond flavored cake covered completely in a slight lemon tasting sugared icing. ohh yeahh that is goooooood!!!! It takes only 2 bites to completely eat it all. It is that small. About 1 & half inches thick & squared!!

Here is a link to the BEST EVER ones...This Co has mastered the art of making petit fours & luckily we can buy them over the Internet instead of traveling way out to New Orleans for them...Also check out their one of a kind ONLY found their special cake...It's the best ever-if anyone else does it-they are copy cats...this co. is the original to hold it...Doberge Cakes I have eaten the chocolate one before...How amazing tasteful...very bite is pure sin!!! I would love to try the caramel one of these days...I'll let ya know how it taste as well...

With all this new found interest in cakes & sweets as a whole I may spark up a contest from it as soon as we can get pass these very hot days of summer....Hurricane Days I like to call them...BLAA the worse part of living in the South.... Stay tuned-More from my kitchen of what challenges of sweets I may concur!!

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