Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday-Day of Rest

I'm sorry I been away-(to whom ever reads my Blaa Blaa Blog))
My keyboard quit on me & I didn't know why...
Lost & confused I started by changing out batteries, then repluging the port & what nots Then Like a gift from above WOW it works again...I been messing with this for a few days-Hopefully next time it happens I will have a fair warning!
What a mess when the real thing don't work & you have to use the On-Screen Keyboard
That is more stressful then my children on "Dog Juice".
This evening I will play catch up on what was missed-
What my dogs have been up to-
& What I have been doing as well...
Now to hit the roads in search of the "all most" perfect home to raise my guys!

Have a wonderful Sunday-The Day OF Rest...
What ever MAN quoted that saying didn't have 3 young children!!

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