Monday, July 7, 2008


De-Clutter Clothes

Yes, that is right...
We love clothes, we buy even when we really don't need
but we found it, gotta have it, drives us to stock piling it
all over our closets & also in bins at the bottom of our closets as well...

Now we are going to clean it out room for room
or child for child...

These methods can be used for every one in the family-

The bare essentials for spring/summer are:

4 shorts (add 2 more shorts for males)
4 Capri (for the females)
2 pair sandals (casual)
2 pair sandals (dress)
4 sleeveless tops
4 short sleeve tops
1 pair tennis shoes-sneakers
2-4 PJs sets
Unlimited Amount of under garments & socks & bathing suits
2 beach towels per person

The bare essentials for fall/winter:
(depending on where you live
You may have to add a thermos over stuffed snow suit

LOL I'll never own one here in the deep south)

4 jean pants
2 sweat outfits
(flip the jean VS sweat pants depending on your indoor/outdoor time)
2 dress &/or pants outfits
4-6 long sleeve cotton t-shirts
2 jackets (one casual, one dress up)
2 hats & scarves & gloves
endless amount of under garments & socks
1 pair non-slip boots
1 pair sneakers
2 pair fuzzy slippers (the funkier the better)

Once you have figured out what excatly you want to keep
the rest will be fine in a black garbage bag to be delivered to local church or donation group...
IF you can NOT use it or WON'T give it to someone who will

Another rule I stick to:
IF you didn't wear it in the last year
Give away-'Cause it's taken up space you NEED
for your GOOD NEW Clothes...

If it's for a child: IF he or she can NOT fit the clothes & or shoes
someone will NEED it more
then the bottom of the drawer or closet it has been laying in...

That should keep you busy for some time...
IF you do not get it all done in one day
NO need to worry.
At least TRY to finish one per or one room per day!!

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