Thursday, July 3, 2008

one more dog to go.......

This here is my oldest dog
Moon Dog Rex

Sweet Charmer, Train LOVER,
Momma's Boy
(which all my boys are), Big Helper
He is a too sweet for his own good kinda kid.

He wants to be the big boy he is (8 years old)
but, at the same time he enjoys the playing
gets to do with his younger brothers...

He makes my job easier due to his helping ways...
But, he will not help with out some sort of payment...

Sooooooooooo MALE!!!

rather it be sweets, treated out to fast food,
or good old fashion green
that's right the
boys LOVE to shop & love trains
so he expects the MONEY
for his hard work...

((& I've been told girls are worse then boys-

That person did not have 3 boys))

1 comment:

  1. LOL, I used to work in a rest. and was on my feet all day. I would come home begging someone to rub my poor aching feet. My baby, (21 now), would do it, but like Rex I had to pay him at least 50 cent a rub, kid got rich off my size 9's.