Monday, July 21, 2008

soy milk-my need for savings

I purchase any wheres from 96-100 cartons of silk soy in a 3 month time frame. I only buy Vanilla & Chocolate.
My youngest son doesn't care for the Vanilla so I add strawberry powder to it so he will drink it often.

I was wondering it it's possible for Silk Co. to make a Banana Flavor & also a Tropical Flavor?

We are starting to get burnt out on the Vanilla & Chocolate & even the Strawberry powder we are mixing in.

Any chance of more flavors being added?

Also how do I get hold on coupons that the Silk Soy co. may have to offer? Once again I purchase about 96 cartons in 3 months. That is 8 vanilla & 8 chocolate each week. Maybe more if I'm baking/cooking with it.

Thanks for any answers concerning my questions.

Lahia"my name"

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